Xupermask high-tech face mask full review in India

The whole world recently faces a huge pandemic virus attack of COVID-19. This virus lock the whole world inside a rooms. All over the world, all countries decided to stay in quarantine. But now the case of COVID is decreasing day by day, but still in India daily new cases are arriving. Its our responsibility to wear mask whenever we are going outside. We have used normal M95 mask but today Xupermask face mask offers the most technologically advance mask.


Wearing a mask is completely annoying hide half of the face and completely destroy the look. So Xupermask is now here stay protected and look cool at the same time. The popular air purifier company Honeywell recently come up with most high tech mask that someone can wear. Honeywell tie up with popular singer Will.i.am and a SpaceX Spacesuit designer to create this awesome looking looking face mask with all high technology loaded.

Face mask with Tech

This Mask is made up of combination of materials including fabric, Silicone and Plastics. The design of the mask is very cleverly done look wish its very cool looking. The front of the mask have two fans which have three mode of speed. This fans help you to breadth well as its a tight fight mask. The air is getting in from the front which is filter through HEPA filters. HEPA helps you to breath virus and bacteria free air.

Tech included in this mask

The mask comes with two fans which have LED lights install this not only enhance the esthetic but help you to walk in night time. The LED light help you to see road in night time. Mask comes with HEPA filters that help to breath pollution and COVID free air. It comes with a Noise cancelling Headset with it. No need to carry headset along with you wear this mask and you can enjoy your music with it.

Xupermask Noise cancelling headset

The headset is a high quality QCC5124 chipset designed to deliver high quality audio. It packed with microphone embedded in the mask so that you can speak in calls without taking off your mask. For power this mask packed with light weight battery. For connection its offers Bluetooth 5.0. Some of the features are Noise reduction microphone, Active Noise Cancellation Mode, Ambient Mode, OFF Mode (no ANC or Ambient activated),9 Audio prompts, Silicone ear tips (three sizes), Magnetic earbud docking.


For battery life the Xupermask face mask offers a 730mAh battery pack. Battery of this last up to 7 hours on a single charge. The battery take 2 hours to fully charge. This mask has a external port to charge, you can charge it with your power bank.


For design this mask is design by popular singer Will.i.am along with Spacex Spacesuit company. According to a report this mask is design by a popular Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez. However Jose Fernandez design the SpaceX Spacesuit for Elon Mask. He worked with Marvel Cinematic Universe for making Black Panther, The Avengers and Even the X-Men Franchise suits.

Cost Of The Mask

The Mask which includes all this feature also cost a huge. This mask only available in two colors one is black and another is white. This cost $299(INR21000) and comes in small, medium and large size. For filter or HEPA filters replacement cost is $27.99 Rs2100 in INR. You can buy this product a very good product. All the features make it a product from future.


Fit and look wish this mask score 10 out of 10. The good point which impress us and recommending you to buy one of this are:-

  • Look like a mask from frictional movie
  • Completely closed and tight fit make it air tight and germs free.
  • Advance use of technology comes with two three speed fans for more airflow within mask.
  • Air circulate from front to back
  • Noise cancelling inbuild headset along with microphone with tons of features.
  • Wireless connectivity with headset support Bluetooth 5.0
  • For air purification this mask uses HEPA Filters one of the best filters for AIR Purification
  • comes with good battery life of 7 hours from a 730mAh battery
  • LED lights help you see in dark conditions also included in this mask
  • Design by popular singer Will.i.am X Xupermask face mask

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