Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robots are customizable and easy to assemble

Automated robots are the future of our industry. Already there are Industries like Automotive uses automated robots in there assembly of cars for more precise and efficiently production of cars. But this robot are huge in size. Umbratek Ultra series is a very compact design of modular robot arms for small production companies. Now small production company can also make there assembly more efficient with this Umbratek Ultra series Modular robots.

Umbratek UTRA Series

The big industrial-style SCARA and six-axis robots cost as much as a nice car. Then for a small production company can’t afford one for smooth production of there product. This Ultra series Powerful modular robots specially design with compact design. And this can produce high performance and industrial uses.

The Key features:-

  • The robots are design to be modular and customizable, based on the power ADRA series of rotary actuators.
  • Each actuators have a Repeatability of ±.002º and rated torque of either 35 or 75 N.m this help the robot to attain Sub-tenth of millimeters positioning repeatability with a load up to a staggering 20Kg.
  • Comes with 4 to 6 axes, multi- positional mounting.
  • Light weight and compact design made up with carbon fiber.
  • Modular design which make this robot customizable according to your need.
  • effort able price starting from $2000 in INR Rs. 1lakh 40 thousand.
  • Very easy to operate with simple drag and drop motion commands in traditional programming. Support multiple platform to give commands like android, windows, ISO. That means you can control this powerful modular robots with you phone.
  • Perfect for automated work like CNC machine operation, in small production of motors, LED lights etc.

What is the use In Indian Market?

Modular robots small manufacturing companies use this modular robots to produce quality product in much lesser production cost. Very easy to use this modular robot and compact design make more reliable to fit in small places. In India there are lots of industry that can utilize this robots. CNC machine can use this to fully automated production. Many local LED light manufacturing, Electronics part manufacturing companies uses human labor to produce their product. They can use this to produce product with more efficient, low cost and fully automated.

More Features of This powerful Modular Robot

This robot fully hand made in there production house. Parts is produce and assembly by high skill engineers. safety features make this modular robot more safe. Features like emergency stop, collision detection, Voltage Instability, Temperature change, Overload protection etc are loaded with this robot.


If you are very enthuse you can also buy on of this to server you a glass of wine for you high parties. If you command this modular robot to make a glass of coffee then it can also make one for you. However with a precision of ±.01mm make this robot more precise in field where highly skilled workmanship needed. Firstly the price make it affordable for small industries. Small industry can use this Modular and powerful robot to produce quality product but with low production cost. 6 different models to choose according to your need.

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