Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven Portable Wood Fired and Gas Pizza Full Review

We all love pizza but never thought to make with own hand. In video we see large oven where pizza are place then baked. If you are cooking enthuse and want to make pizza but you don’t have a oven. So Ooni Karu 12 a perfect product for you its a portable over uses multiple fuel to operate. Awesome compact design very easy to use product which deliver a true aesthetic Wood-Fired baked pizza taste.

Features Of Ooni Karu

So this compact Multi-Fuel Oven comes with pretty decent features. The first thing that we will point is that this portable oven can reach a whopping 500 degree of Celsius just in 15 minutes. Its a very little time to reach that much heat and for baking pizza you need high temperature. So this company made this design so useful that with this compact design it can handle that much of heat safely. Second thing to highlight that if you put a pizza in it. It just take 60 sec to completely bake that pizza. This product design if so efficient that with perfect airflow and maximum heat retention it can cook pizza just within 60 sec.

Design of The product

This oven got the most incredibly design parts are are very particle. Oven got foldable legs so when you setup your oven for baking take it out unfold the leg and it will give a decent height to the oven. This foldable legs help to place your oven in any environment or in any surface. Then it also comes with chimney which is also detachable. Very easy to install the chimney just like you attach the container of mixer grinder, it similar to install the chimney in this oven. For fuel this oven got a separate chamber place wood or coal there. Then fire the oven up and with in 15 min your oven is ready to use.

To make the oven more efficient company make the body with ceramic fiber-insulated stainless body as well as a extra thin stone board. On stone board on which you can place pizza which help to bake it properly from every side.

How To Setup This

Setting this up is very easy. Put the coal of wood or if you have the gas attachment use that to light up the oven. Before fire up the oven make sure to open the chimney cap. And then make sure to make the chimney baffle to maximum airflow. Then put the front door in place. With this closed system air flow between oven and chimney which perfect for pizza. Now your pizza oven is ready to make pizza in just few second.

For gas it pretty simple just remove the chimney and the fuel tray and put the gas attachment to the oven. Light the oven is very simple it automatically lighted up when you open the knob. And it ready to make pizza.


With this oven you can make delicious wood cooked meat, vegetables etc. Ideal for small outdoor picnics with family or friends. With the highly Portable design you can also cook in your backyard. You if your are on a trip bring this oven with you and organize a pizza party there. Just simple remove the chimney and fold the legs pack then in you bag. Ooni Karu has design this oven in a perfect way and everyone some own this oven. You don’t have to compromise in the build quality its a true craftmanship that you can see if you buy one of this.

Point for which you need to buy one of this

  • The compact design make it one of the best portable oven for pizza lover to buy one of this.
  • It can heat up to 500 degree of Celsius which is huge amount of heat.
  • This oven can handle that much of heat safely. That means safety is one of the key feature to buy one of this.
  • Ceramic fiber-insulated stainless body no compromise in quality another point to buy.
  • The high quality technique to generate more heat with perfect air flow.
  • Multiple types of fuel make it versatile for all situation.

This are some point which we think are prefect for which you need one of this. To cook some delicious meat and vegetable with some natural flavor of wood bakes or coal baked. You gonna completely enjoy the food after cooked them in this oven.

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