Today I found The Fastest Way To Get NANITES in NO MAN’S SKY

So recently I am continuously grinding No Man’s Sky for Unlimited Nanite. I stared from 0 and with some Trick now I have unintimated amount of Nanites. Initially I don’t know how to get nanites and what is the use of them. But when I started playing the game step by step I realized that I need Nanites to unlock my exo suit technology for my better survival. Then when I go to Upgrade my multi tool technology it also needs nanites. So Nanites is a important thing for this game. The following Steps will help you to get Unlimited Nanites.

From Sentinel

So recently I went in search of factory Over ride unit. But I don’t no how to get those so I ask one of my friend. Then he told me the process to collect the Navigation Data and with that Data buy Planetary Chart to located Manufacturing facilities to get factory over ride unit. When I used those planetary chart and it not only maker Manufacturing facilities it also marking supply other facilities also. So every place has some container from which you can collect Nanites. But when you so to this place you may get attack by sentinels. So if you kill this sentinel you will get a lots of Nanites.

There are some plant where sentinels roam around normally. So its a easy process to kill them and collect nanites from them. Its a bit risky process but you can do this if you upgrade you multitool. First time when in kill the sentinel it give a cylindrical container. That time I don’t know that after breaking those I will get nanites. I missed a lot as i don’t know that thing but you don’t do this mistake like me. Its become more risky when robots are spawn to stop you.

Second process

Second process is very simple but it take a lots of time to collect Nanites. Its a Safe process not like the first no. All you have to do is roam around in any plant search for cargo, Abounded building, there you will get nanites. You don’t get a huge amount of nanites but near about 130 per building. There are also some cargo lying all around the planets which also provides Nanites when you open them. There also a process if you lock atlas pass level 3 then in Every space station there are a special room from there you can also collect nanites. And sometime Units.

Third Process

The third process for this process you have to collect some nanites then to anomaly to buy modules of upgrade. Then there is a glitch from which you can multiple this modules. For this glitch you have to go anomaly there you have to buy upgrade modules from Ares. Buy most expensive module from him. Buy as much as module you can. Then search nearby player to send gift to them. The actual thing/ motive to send gift to any random player is that game makes a mini save when you gift or sent some item to any one.

And after that if you reload your autosave then you will see that all the module that you have buy will stay in your inventory but the nanites that get deducted will refund automatically. Its a glitch then after that you can sell those upgrade modules to Ares again to get more nanites absolutely free. So with process you can make Unlimited Nanite with in few second.


With this process if you follow this you can farm Unlimited Nanite within games and buy all the necessary upgrades that you may need in this game. This process I have Tried that why sharing with you so that we guys can also try this and can farm lots of nanites in a single run.

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