8 Fastest Way to Make Money | Millions in Minutes No Man’s Sky

Make Money No Man’s Sky the fastest process to make money. No man sky a very interesting game to play its a open world game. You have to build repair and Upgrade you starship to travel from one galaxy to other in search of resources. You need Salvaged data in odder to unlock building and tech equipment. So to earn Millions on money follow ours process. Personally we earn 10 million units in just 60sec.

First Process

The First process to make money is copper trading. So to trade copper first thing that you need is the analysis visor scanner to scan Copper core. Then search for a copper reached planet. Go there and scan for copper buried. After locating Copper buried location go there and mine. You will find lots of copper buried in a single planet. Farm the copper and go to you space station to sell those copper.

Chart –
  • Go to copper based plant
  • Use analysis visor scanner to scan Copper core
  • Farm the Copper with Terrain Manipulator
  • Sell them on Space station

Second Process

Second process is the most easiest way to make pretty amazing bucks in game. For this you need Medium Refinery. If you have enough Salvaged Data to unlock the medium refinery. If you don’t have enough then go for Buried Technology to farm salvaged data. Then to unlock Medium refinery go to Anomaly. Then place the medium refinery to your base. After that search for salt or chlorine. you will find salt as salt deposit in different plant. If you don’t find salt or chlorine then don’t worry. Collect some oxygen and di-hydrogen which is easily available in any plant. Then put the 10 oxygen and 10 di-hydrogen in medium refinery to make salt. The put only salt in refinery to make chlorine.

This the primary step to find our main product chlorine. Then you have to travel different space station to buy oxygen from global trade terminal. Buy all oxygen from all space station. Then return to your base and put oxygen and chlorine into medium refinery/ After that you will see your chlorine will multiply You will get 6 chlorine from 1. Means if you put 10 then will get 60 chlorine in return. For each chlorine to multiple it takes 2 oxygen. So in this process you have to just buy oxygen that it. Then after that sell chlorine in space station and earn in million in just some few second. For 19999 chlorine in get 12,021,047 units. So its a limit less process to adopt and get millions of money.

Third Process

Its also a easy and good process for this you have to travel to different galaxy and land on new plants. After landing on plants scan information of new things and game will reward you with free Units. Its a easy one to make money in no man’s sky. But its only disadvantage is that the reward you get is not huge amount. Near about 15k-17k per month.

Forth Process

Forth way to Make Money No Man’s Sky is find one activated cobalt planet. Then with the help of analysis visor scanner find activated site. Then plant mineral extractor in that spot to automatically mine mineral from that place. Sell those things to space station to get money. Its also a very easy process to earns money.

Fifth Process

The Fifth process is to sell Gold, silver and titanium. You can easy collect his resources from breaking asteroids in space. Very easy to farm you can make easy 100k per round. The more you grind the more you get in this game.

Sixth Process

In some plant you can found GRAVITINO BALLS – UNITS. If you can collect that you can sell them. We found them in high sentinal activity plant. When you collect this Sentinal will attack you so be prepared to tackle them. In this way you can make easy 300k in one round. Its a optional or side process that you can use to Make extra Money No Man’s Sky.

Seventh Process

IN some plant when you can you will find ancient Bones. So if you get those and sell them on trading portal its cost huge. The selling price for these vary, and can range from 80,000 up to 2 million units. Very easy process with out any risk of life. Just mine and collect those and earn millions in seconds.

Eight and the last Process

If you sell Salvaged Data its cost pretty high. So if you can grid to collect 196 salvaged data and sell them you can make easy 100k Units. Its not a easy process but once you collect this you can sell this to other and get a lots of money. Salvaged data is available in every plant so you don’t have to worry about it. Its easy to found. Scan with you Visor and located the place to collect salvaged data.


Very addictive game once you start its take you lots of time to grind and make all stuffs in game. You have to upgrade everything to be powerful in this game. In personal opinion when I started playing this I continuously played 18 hours daily just to make more to buy the best starship. By playing whatever I have learned I shared you the process to make Unintimated Money or Units whatever you called it. I think this process may help you to under stand the game well because it a complicated game to understand in starting but once you know thing its will be very easy for you to play and enjoy the game. Comes with both multiplayer and single player mode. So try this game and you will get fun after playing this.

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