Bionic Cube portable filter less air purifier has an ionizer that works for a whole room

In this world of pollution we are taking pullulated air daily. Bionic Cube come up with there innovative design of air purifier which is 92 millimeters from all side. Its too small that no one can guess that its a air purifier. You can use this cube shape purifier in room, in car and capable of 300+ Sq ft room in just 10 Minutes. Very Interesting product uses no Filter for purifying instead of that it uses industrial grad Ionizer to purify air.

Small And Powerful

Bionic Cube’s air purifier is a 92 millimeters from all side and powered by a standard USB-C cable for power. It required no filters and don’t need any maintenance. This purifier packed with high speed 6 speed Fan that is capable for 28 square meter room at a rate of 65 CFM in 10 minutes or less.

This Purifier is power by plasma Air a well know air purifier company. Generates 200 millions+ Ions per cubic centimeter of any are. Compact design certified by large laboratories. The very same technology also used in luxury jet airplanes since 2012. The key feature of the purifier is the plasma unit which deliver you free breathable air in any place you want.

How Does this is different from other Air purifier

This air purifier is totally different from other. Its truly portable but other purifier are very limited like Ultraviolet, HEPA and electrostatic Precipitator. This Purifier uses very low power and can be power with a mobile charger or even with a power bank. But other purifier are power consuming. Actively purifies the air you does not have to wait for filter. And produces both positive and negative ions and make the air breathable.

This purifier does not produce ozone during filter process. But other purifier like ultraviolet and electrostatic Precipitator produce ozone in the process. And after all this its 99% effective like other purifier.

Features Offer By Bionic Cube

  • A high Powerful 6 speed fan that can produce filter air for 28 square meter room with 10 min or less. And very efficient just power by a USB-C cable.
  • Fan speed LED indicator to provide the fan information to user.
  • To maximize the air flow but maintain the strength and lightness. Hexagonal Design is used.
  • Used a Plasma Air Oxygen Ion Generator to produce breathable air.
  • Type-C USB power connection make it more portable.

How this purifier works

In atmosphere with the Sunlight helps to produce Oxygen ions both positive and negative. In every bionic cube same technology is used the bipolar ionization. This purifier produces a natural, Proactive bio-climate rich with positive and negative oxygen ions. The positive ion miss one electron and the negative ion has one extra electron. So when they are release they are not in a stable form. So these bipolar seek out atoms and molecules in the air to trade electrons for re-stabilize. In this way it neutralize the dirty air.

How to Use this

This product is very eco-friendly and super easy to use. Air purifies in only 3 simple steps. First plug this purifier with a power adaptor to give it power. Second thing power it on with the given power switch and third set the fan speed. Then Sit back and relax. Its very simple and easy to use even you don’t have to change filter or replace any parts.

Maximum Air Flow

The design of this purifier is made in such way that it pull air from all direction. With hexagonal vent shape its has 360 degree of air inlet. This provides the maximum airflow and best possible air purification in just few minutes.

In Depth study of How this Air Purifier Works

So in Atmosphere there are n number of atoms and molecules of Nitrogen, oxygen, Carbon di oxide, water vapor and many more . The main pollutant is the air are Carbon monoxide, Ozone, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen oxide etc. This are basically very dangerous component that we are breathing. producing oxygen ions by the purifier its jus the help to remove this. The oxygen ions which are produce are very reactive and they react with this to produce a safe form of them.


Carbon monoxide- CO + O+ ion produce by Bionic cube- produces CO2 which is a safe.


So its a very good product and everyone should buy one of this. Its very easy to use and consume very less power. Doesn’t produces ozone and does not need any maintenance. Uses industrial and certified technology to filter air by producing oxygen ions. Very effective can produce 200+ millions of ions per cubic centimeter of area. Filter and make a active breathable area for you with 10 min or less. Its a good and very effective product and everyone should own one of this unit.

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