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Autel Robotics Evo 2 Dual Thermal Drone in India Review


Drone When we hear this the first name come into our mind is DJI. But wait Autel Robotics Evo 2 is here. With some awesome feature and a good alternative of DJI drones. Very cleverly design and packed with tones of electronics. Foldable compact design very similar to its competitions. This compact drone is capable every details to any aerial environment and produce sharper images, greater details and rich colors. With all this feature make this drone very easy to operate.

Features available in Autel Robotics Evo 2

There are tons of feature that are provided by company. Some of the highlighted feature are here :-

Highlighted Features

  • The custom sony 1/2″ CMOS 48MP sensor for taking high 8K recording up to 7680*4320 resolution.
  • Very high resolution of photo 8000*6000 resolution and 7680*4320 for 8k video recording.
  • 10bit HDR recording
  • 19 Sensor for flight management make it more easy to fly
  • Dynamic Tracking 2.0 help to take more cinematic short very easily
  • 3- axis gimble mount camera for stable video
  • Special Remote comes with a 3.26″ OLED screen
  • Preview video in this remote screen without need for connecting it with mobile
  • 9KM of transmission range for remote
  • 40 min of flight time from a 3 cell 7100mAh Lithium polymer battery
  • Internal Storage of 8gb


The first feature is the Camera Sensor and the quality that this drone offers. Autel robotics Collab with Sony to customize the 48 megapixel sensor. With this sensor this drone can record in 8K resolution up to 7680X4320. Its 16 times more pixel in compare to HD 4 Time of 4k recording. With this high resolution allow you to zoom, crop image or video without any worry to loss quality.

This drone is capable for 10bit HDR video recording in 4k resolution. With 10 bit color depth can capture 1 billions colors that help a lot in post processing of video or images. Phase Detection Auto Focus help to tracking of fast moving accurately. For stable video and Photos this drone have 3-Axis stabilized gimbal.

Safety sensors

Autel Robotics Evo 2 comes with 19 different sensor. There are 12 visual sensors and other 7 different sensor including the main camera, ultrasound, IMU and others sensors. Combining all this sensor help this drone to build a three dimensional maps and path planning in real time. With all this sensor help EVO II to come up with Dynamic Track 2.0. Dynamic tracking help the drone to track subject. This feature can predict subject trajectory accurately and can continuously track them. It can track 64 object in a single frame.

Battery and Flight Time

To power this drone it packed one 7100mAh battery. This is a Lithium polymer 3 cell battery pack Weight just 365 grams. This battery takes 90 min to charge fully with maximum power consumption of 93 W. The remote controller have a maximum Transmission distance of 9km FCC, 5km CE. The maximum flight time is 40 Min and max speed of the drone is 45 mph.

Special Remote With Display in it

With this drone a special remote is provide. A 3.26″ OLED display is packed within remote for Realtime transmission view from drone. The remote battery is a massive 5000mAh battery takes 2hr to fully charge with fast charging. The real time Transmission Quality is not that bad its 720p@30fps or 1080@30fps. The max signal transmission distance is 9KM which is a huge range without connecting mobile phone.


This drone cost $1495 which is near about Rs 1,12,304. Its cost 100 dollar less than its competition and provides a tones of features. In a single article we can explain all the features that it offers. Very good and safe product of use in our Indian cities. Good amount of range of 9km without connecting mobile phone. In our opinion you can buy one of this. If you want a qualtiy product to shoot nice Ariel videos and photos then its a perfect product for you.



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