Ant Esports MK1200 Mini Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

60% keyboards have not been easy to get in India for a low price so the price tag of $30 can be quite an attractive one. So, is this any good? especially when it comes to gaming.

The design of the MK1200 is quite a standard one when it comes to 60%keyboards.One of it’s pros is that it comes with a braided cable which a USB C-type. It is very compact occupying very minimal space of your desk.

In spite of its minimalistic form factor, its built hasn’t been a drawback though. It is made pretty solid and it feels durable due to the strong plastics used in the construction.

As mentioned the keyboard comes with a braided cable, which is detachable and also type C. One can use a type C to type C cable to connect it to a smartphone or a laptop.

The ant esports mk1200 mini has colorful LEDs, not to be mistaken with RGB LEDs because they are not. They only have fixed colours. Personally, I feel if a brand is implementing just normal LEDs on their keyboard, its better to have a single colour because that looks way more classier and mature than random colour that cannot be changed.

You also get different effects of the LEDs, which you can directly change from the keyboard. The keyboard has some regular breathing and static effects along with some reactive effects. The brightness and the animated effects of the LEDs can be altered directly from the keyboard. The font of the keys are quite good for its price but the build is pretty good because they are made from double shot ABS Plastic. As the keys are clicky one, you do get that click-clack noise.

Why the Mk1200?

If you are somebody who is into gaming and its your first MECHANICAL keyboards. Its a great value for the buck and also you will surely realize why gamers love these. Go for This ant esports mk1200 mini.

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